Below are the members of our community members who have been elected to the committee and trustees.
They volunteer their time to organise and promote the BMUK.


Harshal Kshatri

Harshal is very happy to help in every event.

Jay Ashra

Jay Ashra has keen eye for details and always helps proof read newsletters along with other responsibilities he takes for BMUK committee.

Rajesh Ashra

Rajesh Ashra is a Secretary of the committee and is always available for community work.

Manisha Majithia

Manisha is a very dynamic committee member and manages BMUK’s social media presence along with other activities.

Bhartiben Soneji

Bhartiben Soneji has been one of the most active committee member.

Hitesh Khatri

Hitesh Khatri is a web developer and is trying to get the BMUK website working



Yashvant Machchhar

Yashvant Machchhar, is technology savvy and a dynamic member of the trustees, who looks after sound systems, Newsletter printing and posting, website proofreading and many more activities.

He joined the committee in Nov 2012 and served as chair from Nov 2012 to Nov 2015 . He became a Trustee in Nov 2016.

Vipin Bhuchhada

Vipin Bhuchhada looks after all the catering and logistics for ALL the BMUK events.

He efficiently manages and runs kitchen operations.

Prakash Soneji

Prakash Soneji is Treasurer for BMUK community and as keen eye for making sure that every single penny is used wisely.

Harish Ghumra

Harish Ghumra has been serving the BMUK community for a long time.

He helps out on BMUK’s subscription service as well as on other events.